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PgNames (50)GenderDate of DeathAgeDate of BirthBlockLotNotesCause of DeathVeteran
BBrown, Donald A.M07/10/199770~1927221 Burial 08/28/2010None given
B2Brown, Gerald SanfordM02/24/1935 4 mos10/24/1934221 Received here 4/29/1935Empyema Pneumonia
B6Brown, Grayson J.M02/01/196972~1897221 Cremated remains. Not on Transit Permit
B6Brown, Marjorie DavidF12/27/197682~1894221 Buried on June 12-13 1977Cremated remains
D3David, Alice MayF04/12/194472~1872221 Pulmonary Hem. Cardiac Failure
D5David, Flora BelleF06/30/196697~1869221 Cremated remains in bronze urn.?????? Cerebral Hemorrhage
GGaines, Dorothy B.F07/08/200982~1927221 Burial 08/28/2010Acute Bronchopneumonia
S8Stephens, Christmas aka ChrisM11/13/196381~1882222 Coronary Thrombosis
S5Stephens, JohnM06/15/194587~1858222 Generalized artereo sclerosis
S4Stephens, Mrs. RuthF02/28/194061~1879222 Apoplexy
S8Stephens, Myrtle RitterF04/30/196380~1883222 Arter?? sclerosis Uremia Syndrome
W1Williams, ClaraF06/28/192941~1888222 Pulm. T.B.
W6Williams, WilliamM07/07/196782~1885222 Intoestinal obstruction
D2Davis, babyF07/31/193407/31/1934223 Premature
M1Mumm, Charles A.M01/10/192760~1867223 Acute Dilation of Heart
G3Grisedale, Anson W.M09/21/194947~1902223 E ½Myocarditis
D4Davis, George W.M05/30/195862~1896223 ½Coronary OcclusionY
D5Davis, Mary EllenF08/30/196566~1899223 ½Cerebral Vascular Thrombosis
F3Fletcher, John WilliamM08/18/195459~1895223 ½Pulmonary Tuberculosis
G1Greisdale, CathrynF05/26/192924~1905223 ½Eclampsia
G1Greisdale, babyF05/26/192905/26/1929223 ½Stillborn
M3Munn, AnnieF02/09/194173~1868223 ½Auricular Fibrillation
B7Burton, Marion A.M04/13/198365~1918224 Acute Cardiac Arrest - Coronary Heart Disease
K3Keller, Gaylon L.M03/12/195780~1877224 Artersclerotic Heart Disease
K3Keller, Maude I.F12/09/195777~1880224 Chronic Myocarditis
K3Kohler, Everettt C.M01/12/196760~1907224 Cardiac Insufficiency
F3Flynn, Ruth MorganF04/09/196060~1900225 Acute Congestive heart failure
G2Graves, EvelynF10/29/193433~1901225 Lobar Pneumonia
G2Graves, Sherley J.F03/21/193910~1929225 Pneumonia
M4Morgan, ArthurM04/30/194779~1868225 Myocarditis
M5Morgan, GaylordM06/07/196271~1891225 Thrombosis of left pulmonary artery
M1Morgan, GomerM10/08/192445~1879225 Pulmonary Edema
R2Rinaldi, Lucille MorganF06/05/194237~1905225 Lobar Pneumonia
T4Thomas, Gordan B.M03/09/199385~1908225 Cebrovascular Thrombosis
T4Thomas, Mary (Morgan)F03/26/197871~1907225 Nothing on Crematory Permit
W9Wyatt, Jacquelyn TF01/05/199768~1929225 Multisystem Organ Failure
W5Wagner, Edward J.M06/27/195678~1878226 Intestinal obstruction
W4Wagner, Rev. HarveyM07/28/194648~1898226 Died Atlanta, Ga.
C5Couzens, GwenF01/22/195572~1883227 …hronic Myocarditis
C4Couzens, PhillipM07/23/194674 yrs 4 mos 6 dys03/17/1872227 Carcinoma of stomach
C6Couzens, William WilburM07/24/196257~1905227 Not on permit (What looks like the word 'cancer' in faint ink)
FFletcher, Johannah HammondF06/20/1907~67~1840228
G2Greisdale, JohnM05/26/193774~1863228 Peritonitis
R1Rogers, DonaldM06/19/1927 7 dys06/12/1927228 Prematurity
O1O'Boyle, Mrs. Mary ElizabethF04/22/194985~1864228 N ½Pulmonary Tuberculosis
T2Trimble, HenryM05/26/194065~1875228 N ½Bronchitis
B5Barber, Lorenzo R.M02/27/195672~1884228 ½Pneumontis
G1Greisdale, AmyF06/04/193062~1868228 ½Cardiac Renal Decomposition
G5Greisdale, EffieF12/06/197974~1905228 ½Temporary Permit - Nothing on Permit
B5Bembo, Alfred J.M03/15/195967~1892229 Massive Retroperitoneal HemmorrhageY

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