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PgNames (32)GenderDate of DeathAgeDate of BirthBlockLotNotesCause of DeathVeteran
L3Lintern, Alice EthelF12/10/196390~1873171 Arterio Sclerotic Cardiac
L2Lintern, RobertM04/08/193676~1860171 Myocarditis
T2Tuthill, LeonardM02/16/194135~1906171 Cerebral Hemorrage
T2Tuthill, Ross SustagF12/16/195176~1875171 Cerebral Embolism, Arteriosclerosis
T2Tuthill, Russell F.M01/09/195149~1902171 Chr. Myocardial Degeneration
W3Whiting, Carrie E.F01/15/193871~1867171 Apoplexy
T3Taylor, George F.M07/16/198477~1907172
B5Bell, IdaF02/14/196291~1871173 ½Arterosclerotic Heart Disease
S4Stark, RobertM12/24/193846~1892174 Peritonitis
T1Taylor, Leroy EugeneM08/28/193281~1851174 Prostration
B7Boeth, Esther SwingleF07/12/199488~1906175 Cardiopulmonary Failure
B7Boeth, Frederick J.M12/11/19776906/03/1908175 Cerebro Vascular AccidentY
S6Swingle, Esther E.F11/16/195180~1871175 Myocarditis
H3Hartman, AgnesF01/24/194880 yrs 9 mos 14 dys04/10/1867176 Bowel Obstruction
H2Hartman, C.J.M12/10/193275~1857176 Acute Cardiac Failure
P3Page, Joseph H.M10/11/195068~1882176 Arterio Sclertoic
C1Cole, Sarah L.F02/06/192478~1846177 Cardiac asthma
CCole, William M.M177 Civil WarY
M3Moon, Albert JamesM03/23/194964~1885177 Nephritus Carcinoma Bladder
M3Moon, Martha JaneF12/07/194368~1875177 Nephritis
D1Decker, AustinM06/29/192624~1902178 Peromcious
E3Edgett, Catherine DeEtteF10/17/197078~1892178 Arterio Sclerotic Heart Disease
E3Edgett, Claude WalkerM08/07/196470~1894178 Diabetic gangrene of right legY
R5Rosser, William H.M11/15/196784~1883179 Arteriosclerotic cardio vascular
T1Tucker, Richard StuartM01/26/19231~1922179 Ma???? Glands
T3Tucker, Robert CharlesM09/21/195766~1891179 Pulmonary Tuberculosis
R5Rosser, LouiseF~197591~1884179 ½Died 4/1975Arterio Sclerotic vascular disease
F3Fletcher, ElizabethF02/19/197293~18791710 Congestive heart failure
F2Fletcher, JamesM08/28/194949 yrs 6 mos 11 dys02/17/19001710 Coronary occlusion
FFletcher, JamesM04/06/199557~19381710 Cremains
F2Fletcher, Joseph B.M05/05/194370~18731710 Diabetes
W7Wittig, HannahF08/18/197570~19051710 Metastatic Carcinoma Breast Cancer

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