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PgNames (41)GenderDate of DeathAgeDate of BirthBlockLotNotesCause of DeathVeteran
C2Cinklin, LilliamF03/11/193771~186671 Carcinoma of urethia
S1Samson, John WardM08/12/19228306/03/183971 Fractured FerminY
S2Samson, Louisa A.F05/23/192687~183971 Arteric Cslenise
SSamson, Luther H.M~1895~52~184371 Civil WarY
S5Samson, Mrs. HarrietF06/02/194573~187271 Ca. of sigmoid
S3Simson, LucindaF04/19/193478~185671 Chr. Myocardial Disease
N1Nichols, MarionF10/05/193427~190772 Inquiry Pending
N2Nichols, MarionF12/13/195412/13/195472 Removal to Nicholson Cemetery
B2Barnes, Mary AnnettaF10/18/193386~184773 Acute Cardiac Failure
F2Frederick, Frances Elizabeth (Squires)F11/23/19516901/12/188274 Cardiac Dilation
K2Kizer, Alton FletcherM09/08/19457510/23/186974 Burial book shows J. Alton KizerCt. Hempleyn
KKizer, Earl SquireM12/27/1920~1512/31/190574
SSquire, Erskine W.M07/24/1909~5904/16/185074
SSquire, Joseph E.M01/11/1892~310/17/188974
SSquire, Marietta WhiteF01/14/1917~6412/18/185674
D4Dikeman, Annie M.F11/29/195683~187375 Carcinoma of Medrastemin
G3Griffiths, MarthaF09/07/195167~188475
G2Griffiths, OwenM03/22/193703/22/193775
S1Shager, HildegardF05/10/19241~192375 Osteomyelitis of hip
S4Shager, IsabellF07/20/193768~186975 Carcuiomia of ???
S2Shager, WilliamM05/17/192957~187275 Croupous Pneumonia
S1Shager, babyF03/31/192603/31/192675 Stillborn
D3Dikeman, J. W.M05/22/194578~186775 ½R?sided Cardiac Failure
D3Dunlop, SelaF07/20/194262~188076 Appendicitis
VVandervort, JacobM~1889~59~183076 Civil WarY
G3German, WilliamM~194267~187576 ½Coronary Thrombosis
G3Gravelt, Margaretta DavisF~194279~186376 ½Coronary Thrombosis
T1Tuthill, ElizaF02/14/193483~185177 Cerebral Hemorrhage
T1Tuthill, GeorgeM08/11/192676~185077 Gangrene of Left Foot
D4Dunlap, Homer CarrM05/09/195860~189878 Carcinoma of lungY
D4Dunlap, Jessie H.M12/19/195485~186978 ????onic Myocarditis
D6Dunlap, Mildred D.F09/12/198588~189778 E ½Congestive Heart Failure
D2Day, Effie ElizabethF03/02/193837~190179 Circulatory Shock
D4Day, Thomas J.M03/05/195454~190079 Myocardial infarction
W2Williams, Wm. R.M11/09/193361~187279 Coronary Thrombosis
R2Rosengrant, RachelF11/12/194548~189779 ½Isle?enia
W3Williams, Elizabeth A.F10/17/194470~187479 ½IsleGall bladder disease
D3Dunlop, Oscar W.M08/15/194465~1879710 Coronary Embolism
T4Thomas, David NealM11/12/197736~1941710
T3Thomas, Edward MosesM05/11/196453~1911710 not on burial transit permit
T4Thomas, Ruth DunlapF08/01/199388~1905710 Not Shown

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