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PgNames (42)GenderDate of DeathAgeDate of BirthBlockLotNotesCause of DeathVeteran
B5Barnes, Clara K.F05/26/195785~1872331 Congestive Heart Failure
B6Barnes, ElizabethF03/08/197788~1889331 Massive Gastro Intestinal Hemorrhage
B3Barnes, Frank L.M06/09/194877~1871331 Coronary Thrombosis
BBarnes, John E.M11/16/189044~1846331 Civil WarY
B3Barnes, John E.M07/14/194754~1893331 Hemiplegic Brain Softening
B3Bonner, Henry T.M04/30/194658~1888332 Natural CausesY
B2Bonner, Olive MaeF02/05/193532~1903332 Uemia
H6Holder, James A.M04/30/198282~1900332 Cremation
JJayne, Elizabeth SwalesF03/10/19204910/04/1870333 Wife of John W. Jayne
JJayne, John WilliamsM03/15/1913~4512/10/1868333 Husband of Elizabeth Swales
SSwales, DanielM11/13/1891~1604/26/1875333
S8Swales, Ernest StanleyM12/28/19626909/01/1893333 Cardiac InsufficiencyY
S10Swales, Jeanette ElizabethF04/30/20018005/11/1920333 Cremains
S5Swales, Jeanette PowellF06/22/194750~1897333 Wife of ErnestCardiac Failure
S1Swales, Sarah Ann WardF02/07/19267601/16/1850333 Wife of Thomas SwalesAcute Lobar Pneumonia
SSwales, ThomasM12/20/19157009/17/1845333 Husband of Sarah Ann Ward
M4Morgan, Elizabeth AnnF04/02/194981~1868334 Cerebral Thrombosis
M7Morgan, Mabel C.F07/14/197507/14/1975334 Age not on permit; lot 4?Cardiorespiratory failure
M6Morgan, MyrtleF02/04/196871~1897334 Generalized Arteriosclerosis - Pulmonary Embolism
M4Morgan, Thomas A.M01/21/195054 yrs 5 mos 23 dys07/29/1895334 Coronary Thrombosis
M8Morgan, Thomas W.M10/18/199062~1928334 Cremation 10/5/1985-
M3Morgan, Thos. W.M05/23/194177~1864334 Cardiac failure
M6Morgan, William JohnM03/10/197182~1889334 Arteriosclerotic Cerebral of Cardio Vas.
M1Morgan, babyM08/07/1927008/07/1927334 Premature
M1Morgan, babyM08/07/1927008/07/1927334 Premature
E3Evans, ThomasM09/14/195280~1872334 ½Thrombosis
H3Haines, IrenaF12/26/195186~1865335 Myocarditis
HHaines, J. M.M12/09/1878~4001/15/1838335 Civil WarY
H6Haines, JaneF09/15/198183~1898335 Lobar Pneumonia
F2Fendick, JosephM01/29/194677~1869336 Acute Myocarditis
F2Fendick, NellieF12/04/194160~1881336 N.O.S.
F1Fendick, WilliamM10/28/192678~1848336 Cardiac dilabial acute
M1Mathews, SelinaF09/25/192722~1905336 Mitral Insuffinesey
WWarring, Dorothy MarieF01/23/20079606/05/1910336 CEREBRO VASCULAR
W7Warring, Llewellyn AlbertM01/20/19766605/23/1909336 Pulmonary Embolism
G1Gabriel, GeorgeM12/08/192743~1884337 Nephritis
S7Shaffer, Ida MaeF07/08/195888~1870337 Uremia Benign Hypertension
S5Shaffer, SamuelM01/12/195069 yrs 8 mos 19 dys04/24/1880337 Pulonary Embolism
S2Smith, ThomasM02/09/19303909/20/1890339 Brocho PneumoniaY
WWeaver, Emily M.F11/19/201297~1915339 Septic Shock
W7Weaver, JessieF08/07/197264~1908339 Coronary Occlusion
W7Weaver, Thomas G.M07/21/19726010/11/1911339 Acute myocardial infractionY

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