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PgNames (52)GenderDate of DeathAgeDate of BirthBlockLotNotesCause of DeathVeteran
B2Brong, ArlingtonM02/27/194053~1887301 Acute Dilation of heart
B5Brong, CharlesM11/07/196169~1892301 Carcinoma bronchoisemic rt.
B2Brong, Charles H.M12/25/193581~1854301 Age hard to readAngina Pectoris
B1Brong, Ellen F.F05/16/192569~1856301 Chronic myocarditis
B6Brong, ElmerM10/25/196776~1891301 Metastic melanoma
B6Brong, JennieF02/13/196569~1896301 Confirm date... seems likely is 66 not 65Cerebral Thrombosis
H1Harding, Chas. W.M08/04/192648~1878302 Acute Cardiac Failure
HHarding, Elias T.M08/25/1896~7607/29/1820302 Civil WarY
P2Pope, Thos.M01/12/194689~1857302 Carcinomia of Stomach
S5Schoeppler, Edna M. PopeF08/05/194651~1895302 Cerebral Thrombosis
S1Schoeppler, babyF02/15/1924 2 dys02/13/1924302 Lymphaticius
L1Lecher, Doris J.F03/06/19311 yrs 6 mos09/06/1929303 Dysentery
R5Rogers, AdaF10/29/196777~1890303 C.V.A.
R2Rogers, ElizaF06/11/193982~1857303 Chr. Myocarditis
R4Rogers, WalterM03/05/195567~1888303 Burial or removalpermit #1 March 5, 1955Burial in Lot 3 Block 30
R4Rogers, William J.M08/08/195476~1878303 Cerebral Sclerosis
R4Rogers, NellieF11/28/196186~1875303 ½Myocardial degeneration
A2Anderson, Edmund C.M05/20/195890~1868304 Acute Pulmonary Edema
A2Anderson, Nellie C.F02/11/196284~1878304 Acute myocardial infarction
P5Proctor, Elma G.F11/02/199492~1902304 Carcinoma of Urinary Bladder
P4Proctor, William J.M04/17/197776~1901304 Acute myocardial infarction
S3Sears, Hattie B.F03/25/193562~1873304 Pleuro Lobar Pneumonia
S3Sears, William G.M07/30/193163~1868304 Chronic Myocarditis
S3Strong, babyM04/09/1935004/09/1935304 Stillborn
WWhite, Jerry D.M04/25/1898~5309/14/1845304 Civil WarY
W1White, Mercy E.F06/06/192674~1852304 Thombosis
R6Roberts, ElmerM05/02/200186~1915305 Elmer Marvin RobertsCongestive heart failure
R1Roberts, Elmer W.M02/05/193366~1867305 Elmer Wesley RobertsBroncho Pneumonia
R6Roberts, EuniceF12/11/199474~1920305 Eunice Doolittle RobertsNatural cause
R2Roberts, Ola K.F03/22/193665~1871305 Ola Kennedy RobertsChronic Myocarditis
A1Annabel, LaviniaF12/11/195071~1879306 ½Block # cut off maybe 3 or 5Acute Unemia
M3Morgans, Elizabeth RodwayF08/31/193568~1867307 Chronic Endocarditis
R4Rodway, Alfred Sr.M02/03/195763~1894307 Myocardial infarction
R6Rodway, Alfred W.M03/16/19947505/30/1918307 Acute Cardiovascular AccidentY
R5Rodway, Gertrude M.F12/10/197481~1893307 Nothing on permit
R3Rodway, Janet Elizabeth babyF01/21/195101/21/1951307 Premature Sep. of Placenta
R5Rodway, LinferdM06/24/196743~1924307 Acute Myocardial infarctionY
R5Rodway, MildredF09/14/196748~1919307 Multiple metastoric from breast carcinomia
Mc2McLain, ElviraF09/14/195589 yrs 9 mos12/14/1865308 Cerebral Hemorrhage - Bronchial Pneumonia
Mc1McLane, John J.M08/12/194175~1866308 It**och Cardia
R1Reid, Elizabeth W.F03/23/192468~1856308 La Grippe
R1Reid, JamesM03/19/193076~1854308 Arterio Sclerosis
W1Williams, Thos F.M12/12/192958~1871308 Toxemia Malnutrition
R2Reid, ThomasM05/02/194205/02/1942308 ½Removed to Union Cemetery
M7Mathewson, Mildred R.F02/27/198378~1905309 Introcerebral Hemorrhage
S8Smith, Catherine RodwayF06/07/19697~1962309 C?? Heart Disease
S1Smith, James W.M06/15/192466~1858309 Myocarditis
C1Capellini, PhillipM11/08/192443~18813010 Tuberculosis
C8Cappellini, AnthonyM03/26/19928412/09/19073010 Congestive Heart FailureY
C8Cappellini, M. AntoinetteF08/21/199186~19053010 Cardiogenic Shock
F3Faramelli, InesF07/01/196873~18953010 Adeno Carcinoma of the Storcre
F3Faramelli, Philly aka FilippoM12/18/196871~18973010 Right Ventricular Failure

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