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PgNames (49)GenderDate of DeathAgeDate of BirthBlockLotNotesCause of DeathVeteran
P1Parker, Evan J.M12/21/192334~1889181 Murdered
R5Ritter, Anna JaneF09/15/196641~1925182 A??tonis
R4Ritter, E. StanleyM05/24/196172~1889182 Adeno Caercinomia of bowel
R3Ritter, Edith D.F12/10/194756 yrs 1 mos 23 dys10/17/1891182 Ca. of gall bladder
R1Ritter, Edwin H.M01/20/193271~1861182 Carcinomia of mouth, face and jaw
R6Ritter, Edwin H.M04/22/200380~1923182 Malignant Brain Tumor
R3Ritter, Maria ClarksonF04/02/194783 yrs 5 mos 22 dys10/10/1863182 Myocardial failure
S1Simms, Harry G.M09/19/192412~1912183 Septicemina
T3Thomas, Martha JonesF01/13/195767~1890183 Uremia ca of Breast
S7Simms, ElizabethF11/01/195979~1880183 ½Uremia
S7Simms, George H.M02/13/195378~1875183 ½Coronary Thrombosis
T4Thomas, EstherF04/03/199986~1913183 ½Cremains buried 10/30/1999Stroke
T4Thomas, MarthaF04/15/199981~1918183 ½Cremains buried 10/30/1999Hepatic Failure
M2Michel, Nicholas W.M08/03/193218~1914184 Accidental Drowning
S2Scheuartztruber, GladysF08/04/192930~1899184 Acute Philymonous Infection Mouth
C5Compton, EllenF06/17/195480~1874184 ½…ronary Thrombosis
C4Compton, William B.M04/06/194781~1866184 ½Cardio-renal disease
M6Michel, Arthur S.M05/12/197305/12/1973184 ½Carcinoma of Phonynx
M5Michel, ElizabethF08/24/196489~1875184 ½Chronic Myocarditis
C2Curtis, BabeM12/15/1932 05:0012/15/1932185 Premature
C3Curtis, Marjorie LocklinF10/03/194139 yrs 7 mos 29 dys02/05/1902185 Coronary Thrombosis
L2Locklin, Bessie Budd - Norma ElizabethF08/19/195169~1882185 Carcinoma of Lower Bowel
S7Sitgraves, EttaF02/22/195380~1873185 Cardio Vascular R?? Disease
S4Sitgraves, Martin H.M07/17/193866~1872185 Carcinoma of Bladder
H1Harris, Peralla AnnF08/25/192777~1850186 Myocarditis
H6Helleman, AugustM08/05/198190~1891186 Cardiac Arrest
H6Hillemann, Margaret U.F01/17/199201/17/1992186 None inserted
L3Lancaster, AmosM10/09/195410/09/1954186 Age not on burial permitGeneralized Arteriosclerosis
L3Lancaster, Margaret MayF05/15/196082~1878186 Cardiovascular disease Cerebral Thrombosis
SSnyder, Bruce CarlM05/12/201063~1947186 Cremains ; in mother's casket
S9Snyder, Carl P.M06/06/198970~1919186 Cardiac Arrest
SSnyder, Elizabeth A.F08/17/201197~1914186 Natural causes
G1Gibson, CharlesM07/18/192618~1908187 Auto Accident
S2Smith, Floyd H.M07/27/192739~1888188 Lobar Pneumonia
S1Steward, GeraldM~1925~1925188 very faint writingpermit lost
S1Stewart, James G.M07/08/192432~1892188 Tuberculosis Pleurisy
D7Davis, MadelineF04/29/199291~1901188 N ½Lymphoma
D3Doyle, ClaudiaF01/05/195066 yrs 7 mos 15 dys05/20/1883188 S ½Coronary Occulsion
S10Stewart, Helen BF06/21/1994100~1894188 S ½
E4Eson, Myrtle G.F07/10/199007/10/1990188 S½
D6Davis, Thomas J.M12/11/198384~1899188 W ½Cerebral Thrombosis
B4Bradley, ElizabethF10/07/195194~1857188 ½Myocardial Failure
F3Fox, LenaF07/10/197088~1882188 ½Arteriosclerotic V. Disease
L1Lancaster, Albert W.M02/13/192442~1882189 Pencarditis
L1Lancaster, HaroldM10/03/193122~1909189 Fracture of skull
L2Lancaster, Jane AnnF02/03/194156~1885189 Broncho Asthma
B6Bradley, FlorenceF02/12/197780~18971810 Pulmonary Embolism
S3Sauer, WilliamM02/28/193450~18841810 Angina Pectoria
T1Tresslar, OliverM02/06/192389~18341810 Nephritis

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