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PgNames (64)GenderDate of DeathAgeDate of BirthBlockLotNotesCause of DeathVeteran
K2Katcho, SusanF04/18/194250~189211 Coronary Thrombosis
K1Kotcho, U10/15/193160~187111 Bron. Pneumonia
K3Kotcho, GeorgeM01/10/197261~191111 Antrasilicosis advanced, Acute Myocardial Inf.
K3Kotcho, John ???? Jr.M03/16/197084~188611 Cardiac Failure, Silicosis, Anthrasilicosis
KKotcho, John H.M04/18/201064~194611 CremainsAcute Cardiac Resp, Arrest 
K2Kotcho, John, Jr.M11/01/194511/01/194511 Acute Coronary Ustrerion
K2Kotcho, Joseph EdwardM04/20/1946 4 dys04/16/194611 Prematurity
K5Kotcho, MaryF08/10/199484~191011 Cardiac Arrest
K5Kotcho, Mary AnnF05/16/200463~194111 Signet Ring Carcinoma of Breast w/Metastisis
K5Kotcho, babyM05/10/199505/10/199511 W ½Prematurity
C8Cadavera, LouiseF03/18/199075~191512 Bronchial Pneumonia - Rheumatic Heart Disease
C1Craig, ClareF10/29/192218~190412 Pregnancy etc.
E4Evans, SchuskoF10/30/198327~195612 Cirrhosis of the Liver
J3Jessop, Charles RobertM10/22/195953~190612 Coronary occlusion
J3Jessop, Joan IvyF02/28/196629~193712 Cardiovascular Renal failure
J3Jessop, John E.M01/16/197463~191112 Carbon monoxide Asphyxia
J3Jessop, Stephen JohnM07/30/1959 3 dys07/27/195912 Atelectosis of right lung
J2Jessup, Irene M.F04/13/194971~187812 Permcian Anemial
S8Schurko, RobertaF02/25/196940~192912 Respiratory Paralysis
A1Arnold, Samuel W.M10/08/194089~185113 Myocarditis
B1Butter, HaroldM07/07/1924 4 mos03/07/192413 Intestinal Toxaemia
D5Davies, Emma S.F01/12/197282~189013 Above remains were rec'd 6/11/77 ???Cremation = Cerebral Thrombosis
D4Davies, Isaac J.M03/04/195476~187813 ???cardial Degeneration
D5Davies, Robert J.M05/11/197751~192613 Cremation - Nothing on Permit
D1Davis, EugeneM08/23/192621~190513 Amputation of Left Leg
R2Reese, RalphM06/05/194251~189113 Pulmonary Hemorage
P2Petch, JosephM11/20/193973~186614 Apoplexy
P2Parry, ElizaF05/14/194775 yrs 3 mos 0 dys02/14/187214 ½Carcinoma of Rectum
P2Parry, Gomer ReeseM07/26/194677 yrs 10 mos 8 dys09/18/186814 ½Acute Cardiac Dilation
K2Kaal, Susie M.F06/06/194375~186815 Coronary Occlusion
K4Kase, CatherineF01/03/197888~189015 Acute Cardiac Failure
N2Nixon, JamesM07/25/199785~191215 Recurrent Gastric Cancer
N2Nixon, Judith LynnF07/04/19611 yrs 5 mos02/04/196015 Aorta Respiratory Failure
R3Rummerfield, RobertM09/05/1951 2 mos07/05/195115 Congenital Heart Disease
R6Rummerfield, Selma M.F04/28/200178~192315 Metatastic Rectal Cancer
RRummerfield, Thomas J. Sr.M06/29/200887~192115 Congestive heart failure
N2Nixon, Mrs. Susan KaseF12/08/195771~188615 W ½Cerebral Vascular Accident
F1Foster, SarahF07/20/193540~189516 Acute Cardiac Dialation
JJohnston, James W.M06/16/1910~89~182116 Civil WarY
E2Elliott, HarrietF06/10/194306/10/194317
E3Evans, MyfanF06/19/197590~188517 Congestive heart failure
E2Evans, William JohnM11/22/194769~187817 Poralinen's Agitemis ??
P1Perry, Mary MarthaF02/26/192730~189717 Internal Hemorrhage
P3Perry, Willard A.M05/30/195061~188917 Coronary Thrombosis
P2Powell, ThomasM04/26/193466~186817 Arterinoscerosis
W3Williams, James B.M04/08/194383~186017 Broncho Pneumonia
W3Williams, Mary B.F05/07/194583~186217 Myocarditis & chronic nephritis
C6Cairns, Eva EdwardsF04/22/196478~188618 Cerebral Hemorrhage
C6Cairns, Floyd S.M06/06/197067~190318 Exsanguation-Gastro Intestinal Bleeding
C8Cairns, Leonard F.M06/05/198359~192418 …olae
C6Cairns, Mabella F.F11/26/197070~190018 Gall Bladder (Carcinoma o) Metastaric
C2Cairns, Martha JaneF02/21/193102/21/193118 Acute Cardiac Dilatation
C3Cairns, Stephen Jr.M11/28/193857~188118 Carcinomia Rectrioms ??
C1Cairns, Stephen Sr.M05/16/192675~185118 Myocarditis
C1Cairns, WilliamM10/29/192956~187318 Cerebal hemmorrhage
H4Heller, EllenF02/29/196493~187118 Acute Cerebral Hemorrhage
W2Wilding, babyM10/19/1935010/19/193518 Still Born
K1Kohut, JohnM09/21/193115~191619 General Peritenitis
K1Kohut, JosephM12/29/192333~189019 Killed in Mines
K4Kohut, LeeM05/08/197654~192219 Multiple Trans??? Injuries
KKovatch, ElsieF07/25/201394~1919110 Chronic Kidney Disease w/acute kidney injury
K4Kovatch, JohnM11/02/197811/02/1978110 Age 6? Yrs.Acute Myocardial Infarction
K4Kovatch, Julius GeorgeM12/13/19755404/10/1927110 Not on PermitY
K4Kovatch, MaryF01/01/197792~1885110 Senility/Hypertension

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