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PgNames (72)GenderDate of DeathAgeDate of BirthBlockLotNotesCause of DeathVeteran
R6Rogers, Bonnie L.F03/21/199161~1930561 Cardioplumonary Arrest
R5Rogers, MaudeF12/07/197776~1901561 Carcinoma of colon
R4Rogers, Meril J.M12/21/195555~1900561 Intestinal obstruction due to unknown cause
C5Carey, Eugene KennethM02/09/195621~1935562 Fractured skull
C5Carey, KennethM11/20/195548~1907562 …nthraco Silicosis
C8Carey, Kenneth E.M01/17/19844704/01/1936562 …ostate CancerY
C9Carey, Louise R.F03/30/200084~1916562 Double DepthPneumonia
C9Carey, Robert L.M01/13/200155~1946562 Cardiac Arrhythmia
P5Price, HelenF12/11/199083~1907563 Septic Shock
R4Reining, KarenF02/23/195710~1947563 Malignant Terstomia Ovary
R6Reining, Mariane L.F11/30/199874~1924563 Toxic Encephalopathy
L4Lynch, Dorothy JeanF01/18/199973~1926564 Congestive Heart Failure
LLynch, Henry J.M04/06/200592~1913564 NATURAL
E4Elvidge, EdwardM04/22/197978~1901565 Congestive heart failure
E4Elvidge, MargaretF04/24/199993~1906565 Congestive Heart Failure
E4Elvidge, R. DuaneM12/28/198929~1960565 Multiple Traumatic Skull Internal Injuries
EElvidge, James R.M02/02/201198~1913566 Pneumonia
E3Elvidge, Marguerite MayF01/25/197175~1896566 Cardiac Insufficiency
E4Elvidge, Marion M.F02/01/197861~1917566 Carcinoma lung
E4Elvidge, William H.M03/28/199395~1898566 Cardiorespiratory Arrest
E4Egroff, William HowardM07/15/199146~1945567
K5Kolodynska, HelenF10/02/200110/02/2001567
M8Morgan, William F.M11/15/200279~1923567 Natural
C8Carter, Beatrice EstelleF03/04/199960~1939568 (Cremains)Cardiac Respiratory Arrest
C7Carter, StellaF02/14/197766~1911568 Cardio respiratory failure
T3Tekatch, HenryM09/23/197076~1894569 E ½Cardiac Insufficiency
T3Tekatch, Jessie P.M07/11/196767~1900569 E ½Metastic Carcinoma
RReynolds, Justin J.M04/23/200784~1923569 w ½ADVANCED DEMENTIA
C5Clark, Estella E.F10/23/195672~18845610 Cerebral apoplexy
M8Martinez, ThirzahF05/20/199175~19165610 E.½Hepatic Coma
E3Eynon, Joseph GeorgeM10/29/196564~19015610 E½Acute myocardial infarct
M7Morris, May EstherF02/28/197665~19115610 W ½Bleeding Esophogeic Vaerces
M6Morris, Edward J.M11/06/196458~19065610 ½Gastric hemorrhage
J4Jones, Alma ElkinsF11/21/199277~19155611 Acute Myocardial Infarction
J3Jones, CliftonM10/13/195647~19095611 Hestostatic Carcinoma
J4Jones, Clifton RonaldF04/23/199861~19375611 Cardiac arrest
M8Murphy, Irene E.F~199684~19125611 Esophagel Carcinoma
M7Mitchell, William R.M12/23/197765~19125611 APulmonary embolus
M8Muir, Katharine MitchellF10/26/199885~19135611 AC.H.F. Alzheimers
L3La Morte, William RalphM04/02/195753~19045612 12/07/1979 Disinterment to Glenwood M.Broncho pneumonia
M8Murphy, Joseph P.M09/07/19998903/09/19105612 Acute myocardial infarctionY
C8Chinchak, GeorgeM05/10/199362~19315613 Rupture of Heart
C7Chinchak, MaryF04/01/198081~18995613 Acute myocardial infarction
CChinchak, PaulM05/19/200980~19295613 METASTATOC COLON CARCINOMA
C6Chinchak, PeterM01/20/196667~18995613 Coronary Occlusion
K5Kennedy, Willard E.M12/30/198680~19065614 E ½Uremic Brain Syndrome, Advanced Age, Acute C.V.A.
D6Davis, AnnaF10/26/198181~19005614 W ½ArterioSclerotic
D7Davis, James J.M04/22/199466~19285614 W ½Myocardial Infarction
M8Miller, Margaret Ann Davis RossF10/27/199765~19325614 W ½Metastic Ovarium Cancer
D5Davis, BrynmourM06/17/196773~18945614 ½Not on Burial PermitY
D5Davey, EvaF09/01/196751~19165615 Not on Burial Permit
D7Davey, James StanleyM09/03/199335~19585615 Not Shown
D6Davey, Howard A.M04/10/198468~19165615 E ½Respiratory Failure
D6Davey, Richard J.M03/07/198748~19395615 W ½Cardiac Pulmonary Arrest
R6Reid, Pauline MarieF07/08/200265~19375617 W ½Cardiac Arrest
R5Roberts, AliceF03/24/196980~18895618 Cardiac insufficiency
D6Draper, Arthur LeeM01/29/19896501/12/19245618 E ½Cirrhoesis Renal FailureY
D6Draper, EdwardM04/05/198151~19305618 E ½Double depth grave
D6Draper, MaryF01/15/198174~19075618 E ½Cerebral Thrombosis
D5Draper, Otis L.M01/18/197574~19015618 E ½Acute Myocardial Infarction
K5Kennedy, AnneF08/27/199780~19175618 E ½Chronic Renal Failure
D7Draper, JamesM09/04/19936011/05/19325618 W ½Repiratory FailureY
E4Elvidge, AdaF10/23/200281~19215619 Ventricular Fibrillation
E4Elvidge, WilliamM02/28/19967503/08/19205619 Adult Respiratory Distress SyndromeY
C6Coates, AlvinM04/03/196957~19125620 Cardiac Arrest
CCoates, Ruth V.F06/08/200781~19265620 METASTIC CANCER OF DIGESTIVE TRAC
W6Willis, Charles FrederickM06/23/196876~18925621 Carcinoma of prostate
C8Carey, Emma G.F06/06/198792~18955621 E ½…ardiac aurheythmia
C8Carey, Jerome W.M06/15/1991101~18905621 E ½Advanced Alzheimers
W8Willis, Myra V.F01/21/198794~18935621 W ½Ventricular Fibrillation
T3Telford, AlbertM02/21/196865~19035622 2 Grave LotAcute Coronary occlusion
T4Telford, Anna MaeF02/19/199181~19105622 2 Grave LotC. H. F. A.S. H. D.

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