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PgNames (31)GenderDate of DeathAgeDate of BirthBlockLotNotesCause of DeathVeteran
T4Tinsley, EugeneM09/19/19758201/24/189327 ½Nothing on PermitY
K4Kennedy, Mary MargaretF04/04/197475~1899271 Myocardial Heart Disease
T4Tinsley, BessieF08/02/199297~1895271 W ½Cardiopulmonary Arrest
K4Kahler, Mary AgnesF10/18/197897~1881272 Pulmonary Embolism
K1Kunz, John J.M06/01/192551~1874272 Apoplexy
S9Schecter, ElsieF01/06/197776~1901272 nothing on permit
S9Schecter, JackM11/06/194911/06/1949272 another DOD listed 1/6/1977; cremated remains in casket above wife
B2Boyle, Ethel HendersonF09/06/193426~1908273 Abortion - Self induced
S2Silsbee, MaryF06/03/192676~1850273 Cancer
SStevens, James G.M04/07/1865~30~1835273 Civil WarY
DDeckeer, Lois K.F05/03/200580~1925274 Cerebral Hemorrhage
K1Kinback, AnthonyM01/30/193166~1865274 Cardiac Failure
K3Kinback, Etta F.F12/26/195691~1865274 Artersclerotic Cardio Vascular Disease
K4Kinback, Edwin H.M12/15/198088~1892274 N ½Lymphoma of Soft Palate
K3Kinback, Effie M.F12/04/196164~1897274 ½Metastatic Adenocarcinoma
B7Bayle, Myrtle G.F03/31/199484~1910275 Natural
B6Boyle, Frederick C.M11/18/197166~1905275 Acute myocardial infarction
G1Gray, Charles W.M10/29/192583~1842275 Removed to Canaan 4/28/31Cerebral hemorrhage
H4Henderson, BessieF07/04/196078~1882275 Coronary Infarct
H6Henderson, Elizabeth E.F10/28/198375~1908275 Nothing on permit
H5Henderson, George E.M06/03/196706/03/1967275 Coronary Occlusion
HHenderson, George Sr.M02/21/200702/21/2007275 Cremains
H2Henderson, Joseph HarryM09/01/19381~1937275 Broncho Pneumonia
HHenderson, PaulineF04/07/201274~1938275 CremainsNATURAL
H2Henderson, WilliamM08/31/193126~1905275 Burns Motor Accident
H2Henderson, WilliamM12/10/194372~1871275 Pneumonia
M2Moore, Robert OliverM07/25/193324~1909275 Influenzia Pneumonia
M5Mowrey, Helen FrancesF04/30/196355~1908275 Carcinoma of right breast with metastatis of liver and lung
F1Freeman, KatherineF07/29/192334~1889276 Ruptured Uterus
F1Freeman, babyF07/29/192307/29/1923276 Stillborn
G3Gill, FredM04/15/194661~1885277 ½Cerebral Thrombosis

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Note that the burial books from which most entries were transcribed cover burials dating from
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