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PgNames (25)GenderDate of DeathAgeDate of BirthBlockLotNotesCause of DeathVeteran
P1Peck, John DwightM04/05/1933101~1832161 Natural Regurgitation
A1Arnold, EmmaF01/07/193685~1851163 Lobar Pneumonia
B6Baxter, Louis H.M03/28/196762~1905163 Not on Burial Transit Permit
B7Baxter, Louise T.F05/31/199489~1905163 Arteriosclerotic Cardiovascular
T3Thompson, NormanM05/03/195251~1901163 Ing. Pending
T3Thompson, Stella MaeF03/10/195478~1876163 Transit permit no cause
P1Peck, Hattie A.F~192571~1854164 DOD: 8/1925Pneumonia
B5Benjamin, Frederick R.M12/17/196089~1871165 Burial 11/27/6; Cremation 12/21/60Arteriosclerosis generalized cerebrial hemorrhage
B5Benjamin, Jennie G.F02/03/195788~1869165 Arteriosclerotic heart disease
Mc2MacFadyen, Gilbert LithgowM11/23/196570~1895166 CremationGeneralized Arteriosclerosis
Mc2MacFadyen, JohnM12/27/197182~1889166 CremationOcclusin RT Middle Cerebral Artery
M5MacFadyen, Lois M.F05/18/196058~1902166 Congestive Heart Failure - Cremation
Mc2MacFadyen, Lois M.F05/18/196058~1902166 CremationCongestive Heart Failure
M6MacFayden, Jessie V. M.F01/26/197086 yrs 10 mos 11 dys03/15/1883166 Cerebral Thrombosis
S1Sitgraves, George W.M01/14/192678~1848168 Angina Peotorae
S3Sitgraves, Julia EstherF03/30/193484~1850168 ½Cardiac Failure
K2Kilpatrick, ChildM05/21/194105/21/1941169 Cord About Neck
K2Kilpatrick, Emma E.F05/29/194422~1922169 Acute Glomerolnephritis
K1Kilpatrick, Hannah MaryF04/23/1932 1 mos03/23/1932169 Convulsions
K2Kilpatrick, JohnM05/17/194657~1889169 Passive Congestion
K2Kilpatrick, babyM05/25/193405/25/1934169 Stillborn
S4Smith, EmanuelM05/16/194364~1879169 Acute Congestive Heart Failure
S1Smith, EvelineF10/21/192355~1868169 Uremia
B6Bradley, LouiseF12/02/196712/02/19671610 Died Dec. 5 1967; re-interment from union cemetery 9/28/69Fractured Cervical Spine
B7Bradley, ElmerM10/09/198492~18921610 W ½Uremic poisoning

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Note that the burial books from which most entries were transcribed cover burials dating from
approximately July of 1922 to the present. Burial records from before 1922 were lost in a fire, though
some entries have been added to this database from other sources.

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