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PgNames (35)GenderDate of DeathAgeDate of BirthBlockLotNotesCause of DeathVeteran
S3Silsbee, FrankM02/12/193764~1873261 Lobar Pneumonia
F3Frear, Carl R.M08/01/196570~1895262 Coronary Occlusion
F3Frear, Hazel EleanorF05/12/197983~1896262
F1Frear, HoraceM08/04/192754~1873262 Bron Pneumonia
T1Tuthill, Mary A.F07/10/192680~1846262 Cardiac Asthma
TTuthill, RobertM05/02/1907~6504/09/1842262 Civil WarY
L4Llewellyn, DorisF11/25/199880~1918263 Asystole Cardiac Arrest
L3Llewellyn, Henry R.M05/10/197659~1917263 Acute Cardiac failure
L3Loomis, BessieF02/05/197581~1894263 Carcinoma of bladder
L1Loomis, Frances A.F02/07/193570~1865263 Broncho Pneumonia
L1Loomis, Ira J.M05/12/193586~1849263 General debility - heart failure
P4Pfeffer, Joseph JacobM09/21/196251~1911263 Acute myocardial failure
P5Pfeiffer, Bertha E.F02/05/200187~1914263 Uricipsis
R4Reese, BertM09/11/195371~1882263 Cerebral hemorrhage
R4Reese, ThomasM12/20/195774~1883263 Uremia
R2Rees, FrankM09/16/193456~1878264 Acute Cardiac Failure
W6Warring, Lillian MayF06/15/19698505/06/1884264 Born in Winton, PAGeneralized arteriosclerosis - Cerebral thrombosis
W6Warring, Richard JohnM01/13/19609008/31/1869264 Born in Cornwall, EnglandUremia
D2David, Elizabeth EstellaF11/10/193352~1881265 Acute Cardiac Failure
Mc1McPeek, Mary E.F11/25/192511/25/1925265 Debilitis
M8Mack, Lucena E.F09/28/200398~1905265 E.½Acute Cardio Pulmonary Arrest
M6Mack, James C.M06/02/197069~1901265 ½Intestinal Hemorrhage
C9Caterina, Josephine YorkF08/23/200390~1913266 C.H.F
L1Llewellyn, MargaretF01/16/193001/16/1930266
Y1York, Edna MaeF11/22/193318~1915266 Endocarditis
C7Coleman, Eugene J.M06/03/197974~1905266 ½Acute myocardial infarction
Y2York, ElizabethF11/12/198198~1883266 ½Myocardial disease
Y1York, WilliamM06/21/195068~1882266 ½Cerebral Thrombosis
B2Berry, Gertrude AthertonF12/03/193771~1866267 Hapetensis Heart Disease
BBerry, John J.M10/19/190977~1832267 Civil WarY
B1Berry, KathrinF03/08/192485~1839267 Broncho Pneumonia
F1Farr, ChesterM07/21/193240~1892268 Mytral Stenosis
F1Farr, GraceF12/22/193036~1894268 Myocarditis
M3Matthews, Charles H.M01/19/194677~1869268 Gangrene of right foot due to Arterio Sclerosis
B4Berry, Fred MarshallM11/05/195078~1872269 Coronary Occlusion

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