How to use the Family Tree


This family tree is designed to "center on" one or two individuals, who are designated as the "Husband" and "Wife". The data for all of the other individuals is stored and referenced with regard to their relationship to these individuals. Persons in the tree who have no relationship to them are still accessible, but only from one or more of the "List" Views. See the section below on Views for more details.

The entire family tree is offered in two forms, one is a Unicode encoded form, where all of the text, including the Chinese names, is in Unicode encoding. This is the preferable form to use if you browser will support Unicode text. The other form uses Latin encoding, which supports European languages, but not Chinese. In this form, the Chinese characters are all displayed using small pictures of the characters. This will be less attractive, and slower, but should work with any browser. The two forms can be selected using the buttons at the upper right corner of the Home page. The form you are currently viewing is shown in the upper left of the Home page. The main noticeable difference will be in the Chinese characters. If they appear to be incorrect, try the other form.


The data on this site is organized into a number of views into the same data, mainly different methods for reaching the data for an individual, but also some views showing relationships between individuals. The views are:

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